'On the Mark' Strategy

synergistics | group's proven 'on-the-mark' strategy uses tailored methods to gather the information necessary to make highly informed business decisions.

Our 'on-the-mark' strategy will:

  • Reduce your project's overall costs by avoiding the need for dedicated resources from within your company;
  • Ensure the independence of data collection to guarantee an impartial approach and to allow your customers and employees to express honest opinions;
  • Utilize expert design, implementation and analysis of surveys and related data;
  • Provide accuracy in data collection and guarantee objective feedback; and
  • Manage the process to ensure the project stays on-time and on-budget. 

Survey Design:

  • Surveys are designed and customized to ensure accurate results.
  • Client satisfaction, employee relations, market research and more. 

Survey Administration:

  • Data collection methods tailored to your company's client base including telephone, mail-outs, email and Internet based.
  • synergistics | group ensures a level of independence, confidentiality and professionalism that gives your customers the freedom to express honest responses.


  • Detailed reports in an easy-to-read format including statistical analysis, graphs, charts, response mapping and verbatim comments.
  • Database updates and revisions to maintain the integrity of your contact management system.
  • Recommendations are included to alert you to issues beyond the scope of the survey.